Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Hack Gems Dragon City Permanent Terbaru 30 Juni 2013 . . .

Tools Cheat Dragon City Hack Gems :
  • Charles [Download]
  • Dragon City Gem Hack Codes [downloads]

    Langkah Cheat Dragon City Gems Hack :

    1. Open it all ( Dragon city & charles )
    2.Collect Gold
    3.Find :
    5. >Dragon city
    6. >Web
    7. >Crv
    8.Right Click on "packet.php?USERID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX" then click breakpoints
    9.Refresh the game ( don't do anything ingame )
    10.Collect Money again then Breakpoints will appear
    11.Copy the Code from Notepad
    12.Highlight the code inside square brackets "[ ]" then paste your code from notepad       .    (ctrl + v)
    13.Click Execute, then wait for charles to get error
    14.Refresh your game.
    15.Enjoy Games!
                                                                      By : Demas Sangz Gamesterz

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